3 characteristics of Rivière d’Ain Spring beer

People often ask me the question: What is a Spring beer? Here is the shortest answer that I can give. I only talk about Rivière d’Ain beers but the idea is quite often the same at our brewers fellows and friends.

1. A beer which is distributed exclusively during spring

We brew this beer through winter, and we commercialise it only in Spring. So it is a foretaste of summer.

2. We adapt taste flavors to the Spring season

The gustatory characteristics match with the season. So it is very often full-bodied beers. However it is not light beers, neither sweet winter beers.

3.  A limited edition beer

For each year a new Rivière d’Ain Spring beer! Therefore we do not use two times the same recipe. For that, I sit at a table with a sheet of white paper, a beer, and I write a new recipe.

Follow the signs !

traffic signs for rivière d'ain

Follow the signs !

If you are planning to come in France for holidays, and that you want to come to say hello, you just have to follow the new traffic signs.

We wish you a good trip and welcome at Rivière d’Ain.

Why beers do not have the same color ?

Difference of color

In your opinion, why are there beers darker than the blonde?

The color of the beer depends on the presence or absence of roasted malt.
If the beer contains a bit of roasted malt it will give an amber or red beer, while if there are many or if the malt is very roasted it will be a brown beer.

Rivière d’Ain beers again rewarded !

Picture of the rewarded beers

The entire team of Rivière d’Ain is pleased to announce you that the national and international competitions have again rewarded our beers. Since the beginning of the year 2017, our beers have won 8 more medals, including 3 in gold !