French spring beer Rivière d’Ain

Spring beer Riviere d'AinLet me introduce you my new spring beer !

It’s an amber french spring beer. It’s well  balanced between livelyness and full flavor beer. You will enjoy chocolat-like and coffe-like flavor.

Fall beer “Rivière d’Ain Automne”

Fall beerToday is the first day to buy Rivière d’Ain Automne !
This fall beer is an amber beer  with 7,3% alc.
We have brewed this beer with toasted malts.

Why is it a fall beer?
It’s because the taste fits very well with autumn. It’s a full body beer.

Brewing limited series of beer like this one is important for me because it helps me to understand deeper and deeper the art of brewing. I love it !

1000 “Like” Facebook

Riviere d'Ain beer 1000 likeDo you know that in France, Facebook doesn’t show a button “like” but a button “love” ?

So our page has reached 1000 “loves”. I am really happy about that en I thank you very much.

But there is an other “love” in this love story. Do you know that the core value of my brewery is: “Brewing beer like cooking for those I love”

And I brew for you !

What a nice opportunity for me to tell you: I LOVE YOU !