3 characteristics of Rivière d’Ain Spring beer

People often ask me the question: What is a Spring beer? Here is the shortest answer that I can give. I only talk about Rivière d’Ain beers but the idea is quite often the same at our brewers fellows and friends.

1. A beer which is distributed exclusively during spring

We brew this beer through winter, and we commercialise it only in Spring. So it is a foretaste of summer.

2. We adapt taste flavors to the Spring season

The gustatory characteristics match with the season. So it is very often full-bodied beers. However it is not light beers, neither sweet winter beers.

3.  A limited edition beer

For each year a new Rivière d’Ain Spring beer! Therefore we do not use two times the same recipe. For that, I sit at a table with a sheet of white paper, a beer, and I write a new recipe.